NEW! - Moisture Tan Pro w/ Bronzer 8oz

Self Tanning Lotion with Instant Bronzer

Everything you love about Moisture Tan Original sunless tanning lotion now with a bronzer! Moisture Tan with bronzer gives you an instant bronze glow while giving you a tan in 4-6 hours. Our self tanning bronzer lets you see where you've applied self tanner and gives you a tan that lasts for days. 

Sunsafe Tanning for Men & Women

Moisture Tan with Bronzer has no added fragrance which makes it a perfect self tanner for men and women that will give you a streak-free tan instantly. 

How to Apply Self Tanner

For the smoothest application, it's best to apply self tanner right after you shower. Exfoliating helps to prepare your skin for the smoothest coverage. Lightly apply to areas you wish to tan and rub in smooth and evenly. Your tan will develop slowly over the next 4-6 hours. For a darker tan, reapply as often as you like. 

Self Tanning Lotion with Instant Bronzer
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